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Words to live byToday, I’m bringing a small philosophical contribution to this little blog of mine. I wanted to share some beautiful words I came across with all of you.

This heartfelt inspiration is courtesy of one of my favorite yoga teachers. She’s a New Yorker in Singapore and classes with her are something else. She has an impressive inner peace about her and oozes positivity in a clam, contained way so that when she reads to us from her book at the start of every class; time seems to stop and the world churns at a slower, more deliberate pace.

These words are something we should all strive to live by everyday. I am SO loving my daily yoga classes. No matter what, I always feel incredible afterwards; mentally, spiritually, physically. It is my solace whatever the day may bring.

Namaste everyone. Wishing you a day of much inspiration and beauty.

PS – I imposed her words on a photo I took in Avignon last June with my then fiancée. How far we have come just 1 year later.. In my eyes, the natural landscape and colors in this picture radiate beauty and bring the words to life. Nature can be utterly breathtaking at times.